Mary Elton Primary School

Mary Elton Primary School

Positive Feedback

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for choosing VICTA as Triangle's charity event of the year and for looking after Chris, Colin and myself on Wednesday.
From the minute we arrived at the front office, we were made to feel so welcome.

Our event was organised by the EYFS team, saving us a huge amount of stress and hassle, we were able to go straight outside and wait for the children to
arrive. The day went so well and by far exceeded our expectations.

For the event, we split into two and Chris and Colin took questions and talked to the students about their marathon experience, and how life is as a blind person, while I managed the blindfolded obstacle course and run. Most of the children at Mary Elton had never met a blind person before, and I know that some were nervous about doing so, but by the time everyone left Chris had certainly broken down some barriers and changed everyone's perception of life as a blind person. Rather than living in a cave and never venturing out, Chris is quite the opposite and was perfect to raise awareness of blindness and visual impairments with his talk and question taking. After the day Chris took the train to London and took part in a guided run in Hyde Park then headed off to his parents in Romford, all on his own but with assistants to get him on and off trains!

We were all really impressed with the children's behaviour, they were respectful of the SATs going on and also asked some really interesting questions.
As for the obstacle course, I am pleased to say everyone had a go at guiding and being blindfolded with the exception of two of the children (who have ASD I believe). Even these two had a go at the guiding with a little encouragement from us and their support staff which I was delighted about.

It really was a fantastic day, and I am so pleased with the awareness this has raised with your children around sight impairments. Of course the added bonus of some money for VICTA is great, but for me the most important thing was breaking down barriers with the children and their perception of blindness. This was most definitely achieved through the delivery of the day.

I should also say thanks to Mrs Kinsley for arranging us a school dinner, much needed (!), Mr MacKenzie for assisting us through the crowds and the ASPENS ladies for sorting us out some extra potatoes! Thanks too to Mrs Sharp for organising our morning coffee break, we were starting to crave some caffeine so this couldn't have been timed better!"

Tom Sharp, RE: Triangle Charity Week Blind folded obstacle, May 2019

"I wanted to let you know how impressed we have been with the induction process, settling in of the children and the work provided to the pupils so far.

Our child is loving coming to school and I really enjoyed the opportunity to share his learning diary with him on Saturday. It was such a lovely, informal way to celebrate his work and he was clearly very proud of all his work and learning (both formal and informal). I had to read every label written out aloud - some several times! It was also a great opportunity for me to learn so much more about his time in class. The teachers and LSAs gave up their precious weekend to allow as many people as possible to attend and it is really appreciated. Please pass on our thanks."

EYFS Parent, RE: EYFS Bacon Butty morning, November 2018

"I am contacting you to say how wonderful it was to see all of our child's work on Saturday. It is amazing. Thank you so much for giving me (a proud Nannie) the opportunity to do this on a Saturday morning. He thoroughly enjoys school and is really keen to show all the family everything he is learning. He is so proud of himself!

Many thanks for all you do to make school so interesting for Sam and for your time at the weekend."

EYFS Nannie, RE: EYFS Bacon Butty morning, November 2018

"My child has been telling me all about what he has done today. If his enthusiasm is anything to go by the children had an amazing day!! Well done on organising!!"

Year 5 Parent, RE: Anglo-Saxon WOW Days, November 2018