Mary Elton Primary School

Mary Elton Primary School

School Development Plan

Each year the Governors in partnership with the Senior Leadership Team write a School Development Plan (SDP) following self-evaluation.

At Mary Elton our  SDP is related to the 6 School Development Priorities noted below.

Mary Elton School Development Priorities

  • Every child is kept safe and nurtured to aspire and achieve his or her best, with consideration for others to do the same
  • Continuous improvement at every level through a broad and balanced curriculum, achieving and then exceeding national standards
  • All staff and volunteers are supported and developed to make a strong contribution to school improvement and achieve personal growth
  • A safe, well-maintained and welcoming environment that stimulates learning in and around the school
  • Strong and coherent leadership with shared goals achieved through transparent governance and management 
  • The school plays a full part in the local community, seeking partnerships and encouraging engagement and good citizenship

School Development Plan Summary 

SDP Summary 2017-2018

Whole School Ofsted Priorities

The school has been asked to further improve (Ofsted January 2012)

  • In order to further raise all pupils’ attainment and increase their progress: ensure that there is always a good challenge in the work given to the more able pupils, particularly in mathematics.
  • Ensure that all subject leaders monitor and evaluate the achievement of pupils throughout the school and plan the actions needed to increase achievement wherever necessary