Mary Elton Primary School

Mary Elton Primary School

EYFS Phonics Evening

Phonics Meeting Thursday 17th October 6.30pm in school hall

You are invited to a phonics meeting at school on Thursday 17th October at 6.30pm. Learning to read is vitally important for learning, communication, stimulating the imagination and expanding your child’s knowledge and experience.

During the meeting, we will share with you:

Why we deliver phonics and sight words
How we deliver phonics and sight words
How you can help your child at home

Please try and come along, as it is vital to understand phonics and how it supports early reading and writing/spelling, two key skills that we teach your child in Reception. A great deal of time, care and patience are given to teaching your child to read and we see this as a partnership with you. At school we teach phonics and at home you reinforce and practice what has been learned. Your contribution is essential to enable your child to progress and develop a love of reading. In addition to the practice, it is your enthusiasm which shows your child how important reading is.