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As a school we believe that literacy skills should be embedded throughout the curriculum and with this in mind, we strive to ensure that they are woven into all aspects of learning.  This cross-curricular approach enables the children to write for a real purpose and to make links between subjects.


From September 2014, our school has followed the National Curriculum 2014 for English. We plan our topics – whether history, science or geography based – around a high quality 'Power of Reading' text. We also use texts as models for the children’s writing.   Each Year group follows their Programme of Study.  Please ask your child’s teacher, should you require more information.  

Progression in English guide for parents

Writing Policy under review November 2019

Punctuation Progression

Phonics & Spelling

We place great importance on the teaching of phonics.  Reception and Key Stage 1 use the ‘Jolly Phonics’ approach, which combines actions with sounds and visual representations.  As children progress through Year 1 and 2, they move on to learning spelling rules.  This continues into Key Stage 2.  We use the National Curriculum 2014 to ensure progression across the teaching of spelling. More information can be found in our Phonics and Spelling policies.

Programme of Study Y1-Y6

Spelling Progression

Reading Scheme

Our school uses a range of texts to support the teaching of reading.  For early readers, we use a phonic-based schemes.  As the children become more confident readers, they progress through our levelled books, according to their reading development. These texts include those from the “Oxford Reading Tree” scheme.  When we feel they have achieved a good level of decoding and comprehension skills, children become “free readers” and select from a wide range of age-appropriate books.  

Reading Policy under review November 2019

Our "Really Good Reads" are our way of encouraging our children to read a wide range of appropriate and interesting texts. These are a collection of quality, age appropriate books, carefully selected to engage the readers and help them build upon their skills and knowledge as readers. 

Y3 Really Good Reads

Y4 Really Good Reads

Y5 Really Good Reads

Y6 Really Good Reads

Mary Elton is a proud member of Just About Books. Just About Books is a book club (affiliated to the Federation of Children’s Book Clubs) for staff in North Somerset primary schools that read and talk about children’s books. All the author visits the school have had since 2013 have been organised through Just About Books. This year members of Just About Books organised the first North Somerset Teachers’ Book Awards. To find out more about the awards, book reviews and all the things that are going on in the world of children’s literature look at the website: North Somerset Teachers Book Award